President's Message



Our company was originally established to create "unique" products using our "pulse" (digital) circuit technologies, and thus, named "Unipulse." At the beginning (in 1970's), we started with communication devices and electronics for measurement and control system. But, those products were simply made to order as per requirements of our customers. Thus, we decided to develop our own products to increase revenue in larger markets, and weighing indicators for load cells were developed to meet demands of industrial scale manufacturers Since then, we have introduced various products to the world as a company founded by an engineer. In 1998, I decided to list the company on the stock exchange to improve our business environment. On the other hand, we could not develop any creative products during the time, and our company stagnated in that sense. During the period, our products earned good reputation, and financial situation was stable. Meanwhile, there were various changes in the environment surrounding our company, and the desire to delist the company from the stock exchange became larger. Therefore, I conducted a management-buy-out (MOB) to end the period spanning over 15 years as a listed company and reorganized the structure of the company at the same time. As a result, new products like torque meters, high stiffness load cells, own strain gauges, grip force meters, multi-axis sensors, UNISERVO (geared servo motor with capability to measure output torque), robots capable of controlling output force, electric balancers , and various kinds of robots were developed one after another. Business related to UNISERVO, Robots and Balancers is expected to be bit different from UNIPULSE.'s business. That is why a subsidiary company "ROBOTEC Inc." was established to take over the business. This period is the 2nd foundation period for Unipulse, and I will promote the reform to change it better for our customers and employees. Our new subsidiary company, Robotec, also keep introducing latest and innovative technologies to Japan and the world as well. We truly appreciate your support for further growth of UNIPULSE group.

Takami Yoshimoto

President & CEO
Unipulse Corporation