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Product outline

Convert real-time angle & rotation speed from rotary encoder of torque meter into output voltage.

You can use multi-channel oscilloscope to monitor
torque vs angle, torque vs rotation speed
in real-time.

It is also suitable for feedback control using voltage ouput.

●Angle & rotation speed from rotary encoder can be monitored simultaneously at voltage -10~+10V.

●You can decide starting point using Z phase signal (UTM Ⅱ only) or external pulse signal

Angle output


*1. In Mode 1, output switches to -180°(-10V) after exceeding +180°(+10V).
Useful to monitor when the axis rotates in a fixed direction.


*2. In Mode 2, output remains at +10V after exceeding +90°(+10V).
Useful to monitor detailed vibration of the axis.


Output of rotation speed (*3) (*4)

*3. Able to measure from 1rpm onwards.
*4 .If there is no pulse input after 0.1 seconds, output will return to starting point (0V).


Angle signal -10 to +10V
Rotation speed signal -10 to +10V
Resolution Approx. 1/50000 against ±10V
Non-linearity 0.01%/FS
Responsitivity DC to 5kHz/-3dB
Compensated temperature range -10 to +50℃
Temperature effect on span 0.0006%FS/℃
Humidity 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Power supply voltage DC24V±15%
Consumption current 0.04A or less
Dimensions 28(W)×78(H)×80(D) mm(Projections excluded)
Weight Approx.120g

External dimention


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