Product outline

High torsional stiffness(17000kNm/rad), 500% of safe overload
UTF is a flange type torque meter.
With high torsional stiffness, it can detect high-frequency torque fluctuation.
Due to the high save overload, it is also possible to work steadily with severe load for a long time.
It is suitable for testing automobile parts such as driving motors, generators, and decelerators.

New flange type torque meter from UNIPULSE of rotating torque meter
● High torsional stiffness(17000kNm/rad)
● 500% of safe overload
● 500Nm full scale
● Max speed of 20,000rpm
● Dynamic balance grade G2.5
● Built-in digital low pass filter
● RPM pulse output
● Unique signal transmission strong against grease and stain
● ±10V torque output
Installation example of motor testing bench in dynamometer


Flange part
Receiver Strain gauge type
Measurement range 500Nm
Safe overload 500%FS(2500Nm)
Sampling rate 20kHz
Cut-off frequency 3kHz
Digital low pass filter 1Hz~1kHz(Changes by setting)、PASS 3kHz
Non-linearity 0.03%FS
Hysteresis 0.03%FS
Repeatability 0.03%FS
Compensated temperature range -10~50℃
Temperature effect on zero 0.01%FS/℃
Temperature effect on span 0.01%FS/℃
Max. rotation speed 20000rpm
Torsional spring constant 1700kNm/rad
Maximum torsional angle 0.017°
Inertia moment 5.0×10-3kgm2
Gear for detecting rpm 90 cogs/round
Dimensions φ138×51(D)mm
Weight 2.3kg
Analog output CH1:±10V torque output (Load resistance must be more than 5kΩ)
CH2:±10V rotation output (Load resistance must be more than 5kΩ)
Pulse output Detection method: Magnetic detection
Signal specification: 90°phase differences AB phases pulses (RS-422A standard driver)
Number of pulses: 90 pulses/rotation
Digital I/O Number of I/O: (3) INPUT for changing setting, (1) OUTPUT for error
Input type: Volt-free contact, open collector or TTL level
Output type: Open collector DC30V 50mA
Interface RS-485(115.2kbps)
Compensated temperature range -10~50℃
Power supply voltage, Power consumption DC24V ±10%、17W typ.
Dimensions 210(W)×66.5(H)×60(D)mm(Projections excluded)
Weight 1.1kg
Frequency output
(Model: UTF-500Nm(FM))
Torque output: 60kHz±30kHz
Number of pulses
(Model: UTF-500Nm(IP))
1080 pulses/rotation
Power supply cable 1
Analog output cable 1
Communication cable 1
I/O cable 1
Position confirmation attchment 1
Operation manual 1
CATF-PWR-5M Power supply cable for UTF 5m
CATF-OUT-5M Analog output cable for UTF 5m
ATF-COM-5M Communication cable for UTF 5m
CATF-I/O-5M I/O cable for UTF 5m
CATF-SET-5M Cable sets (power, analog output, communication, I/O)

External dimension


Product catalogue(PDF)
UTF-500Nm catalogue(924 KB)
Operation manual(PDF)
External dimension
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