Product outline

The PS sensor is an ultra-precision displacement sensor with high stability and high resolution, applying our unique capacitance technology. It has earned a good reputation as a displacement sensor with great versatility and price, being used for measuring various parameters such as displacement, vibration, shape, and position.
Also, considering global environment, those products are Pb-free and conforms to RoHS standard.
PS-Ⅲseries is the definitive version of PS sensor series, having various functions. Suitable not only as a laboratory tool for R&D but also as a built-in component for devices.

Principle of measurement

As shown in the figure below, the principle of parallel plate capacitor is applied to the PS sensor. Suppose the electrostatic capacitance between the center electrode and the target is “C”, the inductivity and distance between probe and the target are “ε” and “g,” and center electrode surface area is “A”, then, electrostatic capacitance can be calculated by the following formula:

In addition, by using constant current power supply as shown in the figure, output voltage, calculated by the following formula, will be relative to the distance between the sensor and the target object:

To achieve high linearity, parallel electric field is obtained at the center of electrode by equalizing the electric potential level of guard electrode and the center electrode.



The PS-Ⅲ is equipped with various features like one-touch zero reset function, NEAR/FAR LED display, and multichannel operability, and it can be used for wide variety of applications.

Amplifier specifications
Model PS-Ⅲ
Standard range of voltage output 0 to 10V
Output terminal BNC connector
Frequency characteristic DC to 1kHz
Operating temperature range 10 to 40℃
Operating voltage AC100V (with supplied AC adapter)

“□□” in the chart will be filled with probe length (mm)

Model Outer diameter (mm) Offset (μm) Range (μm) Resolution (nmrms) Linearity (%) Probe length (mm) Cable length (m)
AX□□-30 4 10 30 0.6 ±0.05




2 (standard)

AX□□-50 10 50 1.0
AX□□-100 10 100 2.0
AY□□-50 6 10 50 1.0
AY□□-100 10 100 2.0
AY□□-250 25 250 5.0
AY□□-500 50 500 10 ±0.1
AZ□□-500 12 50 500 10 ±0.05



AZ□□-1000 100 1000 20 ±0.1

Order number example

External Dimension
Model PS-Ⅲ-3N PS-Ⅲ-2D PS-Ⅲ-5N PS-Ⅲ-4D
Output terminal BNC×3 BNC×2 BNC×5 BNC×4
Dimensions(mm) 186W×152H×331D 257W×152H×271D
Indicator No Yes No Yes
PS-Ⅲ ordering number
Amplifier model Number of channels Indicator
PS-Ⅲ 2 or more With indicator・・・D
Without indicator・・・N
In case 4 channel indicator is required
PS-Ⅲ 4 D

Please note that there are possibilities of individual differences in a color tone on display devices such as LEDs, fluorescent display tubes and LCDs due to manufacturing process or production lots.