Product outline

Special steel with high hardness, wear resistance is greatly improved
Suitable for high cycle applications!
● Capacity 2 kN / 5 kN
● Construction material: Special alloy steel
● Compact compression type loadcell with a diameter of 21 mm and a height of 10 mm
● ULS-FG: W/ plate for screw fastening


Model ULS-2KN, ULS-5KN,
Rated capacity 2k, 5k N
Rated output 1±20% mV/V
Safe overload 150 %R.C.
Zero balance ±10 %R.O.
Non-linearity ULS:0.5 ULS-FG:1.0 %R.O.
Hysteresis ULS:0.3 ULS-FG:0.5 %R.O.
Repeatability 1.0 %R.O.
Compensated temperature range 0 to +50
Safe temperature range 0 to +60
Temperature effect on zero 0.5 %R.O./10℃
Temperature effect on span 0.5 %R.O./10℃
Input resistance Approx.350 Ω
Output resistance Approx.350 Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 2.5 V
Maximum excitation voltage 5 V
Insulation resistance (DC50V) 1000 or more
Cable φ3 4-conductor color shield cable. Length 2m.
End treatment 5-leads.
Cable color code +EXC: Red
+SIG: Green
-EXC: White
-SIG: Black
SHIELD: Yellow
Loadcell material Special alloy steel  
Deflection at rated 2kN: 0.025
5kN: 0.040
Natural frequency 2kN: 98
5kN: 102
Weight 2kN: 20, 2kN-FG: 35
5kN: 20, 5kN-FG: 35

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