Product outline

Thrust force and Torque are measured simultaneously.

  • Phenomenal safe overload!!
  • URT-20-5K is a dual-axis load cell
    having 2kHz high-speed responsivity and high-rigidity.

Product-specific amplifier

Rated Output is adjusted at ±5V
in both Mz and Fz direction.
Just connect a sensor and apply 24V to it, then adjusted voltage will be outputted simultaneously.
Any calibration settings are not required.


Model Sensor : URT-20-5K Amplifier : FS200
Rated capacity Mz : ±20Nm Fz : 5kN
Power supply voltage DC24V±15%
Consumption current 150mA or less
Load signal output Mz, Fz : ±5V
Load resistance 2kΩ or more
Response 2kHz
I/O signal Input: Auto zero command
Output: Auto zero response
Safe overload Mz : 500%FS Fz : 400%FS
Non-linearity Mz : 0.1%FS typ. Fz : 0.5%FS
Hysteresis Mz : 0.1%FS typ. Fz : 0.5%FS
Repeatability Mz : 0.1%FS typ. Fz : 0.5%FS
Cross talk Mz(20Nm) → Fz:0.05kN or less
Fz(5kN) → Mz:0.2Nm or less
Compensated temp. range 0 to +40℃
Safe temp. range -10 to +50℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.1%FS/℃
Temp. effect on span 0.05%FS/℃
Sensor material Stainless steel
Weight Sensor:Approx. 250g,
Amplifier:Approx. 180g
(Excluding the cable)

*Above specifications are achieved when the sensor(URT-20-5K) is connected with the dedicated amplifier(FS200).
*Accuracy is not guaranteed in the range of Fz 0 to -5V.

External dimension


Product catalogue(PDF)
URT-20-5K catalogue(480 KB)
Operation manual(PDF)
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