Product outline

  • The thinnest strain gauge type load cell in the world with a diameter of φ10mm and a height of 2.3mm
  • Capacity 50N / 100N / 200 N / 500 N
  • As well as assembling to new machines, convenient for retrofitting to existing machines
  • Suitable for load distribution measurement with multiple units


Model UST-50N UST-100N UST-200N UST-500N
Rated capacity 50N 100N 200N 500N
Rated output Approx. 1mV/V
Safe overload 150%R.C.
Zero balance ±20%R.O.
Non-linearity 0.7% or less R.O.
Hysteresis 0.7% or less R.O.
Repeatability 0.1% or less R.O.
Compensated temperature range 0 to +60℃
Safe temperature range -10 to +70℃
Temperature effect on zero 1%R.O/10℃ or below
Temperature effect on span 1%R.O/10℃ or below
Input resistance Approx.350Ω
Output resistance Approx.350Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 2.5V
Maximum excitation voltage 5V
Insulation resistance (DC50V) 1000MΩ or more
Cable φ1.6 4-conductor color shield cable (1m) Cable end: 5 wires
Loadcell material Stainless steel
Deflection at rated 0.003 mm 0.004 mm 0.004 mm 0.005 mm
Natural frequency 140kHz 160kHz 180kHz 180kHz
Weight 2g
Example of use, Wiring diagram

Example of use, Wiring diagram

External dimension

External dimension


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